Life @ CPHGC

China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt.) Ltd. greatly values its human resource. It invests in the continuous development and improvement of its employees ensuring they are up-to-mark in the highly competitive global market.


CPHGC in collaboration with Confucius Institute, University of Karachi has started a program for its employees the Chinese Language Learning Program.
Confucius Institute, initiative taken by Sichuan Normal University (with the help of Government of the People’s Republic of China) has been operating inside University of Karachi premises since 2013. Confucius Institute has teaching institutes in various countries including Germany, Italy, Russia, Canada as well as here in Pakistan. The institute provides Chinese language classes under the supervision of highly experienced Chinese language instructors.
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At CPHGC, the first Chinese Language Learning Program, was launched in late 2017. Initiated for the benefit of the CPHGC employees the program encourages employees to learn the Chinese language. A number of employees showed great interest in the program. One of the employees to take on the challenge of learning a new language all together is Sadaf Muneer, Officer Admin. She used to travel every Saturday and Sunday to the Confucius Institute, at KU, and was finally rewarded for her hard work, when in early 2018, in a class of 30, she stood 2nd in the BCT (Business Chinese Test) Level 1 Certificate examinations. As a reward for her accomplishment, CPHGC reimbursed all her tuition fees. We got in touch with Sadaf and asked her the reason for taking this certification.


“After I completed my University education, I got the opportunity to work in CPHGC. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to work for one of the top 3 CPEC Projects. However, education is greatly valued in my family. The only way to get ahead in this competitive world is to keep learning. Therefore, it is with the encouragement of my family, and with the support of my boss Mr. Shi Zhenxing, the Head of Admin, that I have continued to explore that path to success by learning more.
“Nobody can take away the value of adding another language to your CV. I realized it very early and decided to learn Chinese language. Although its not easy, we are not accustomed to the script and the phonetics of the language, I nevertheless, decided to accept the challenge and when the opportunity arose, was one of the first to signup for the BCT 1 course, offered to CPHGC employees.”
We wish Sadaf all the best, the girl who has worked hard to make her ambitions come true.