HUBCO is Pakistan’s oldest private IPP with total installed capacity 1,601MW, the annual power generation capacity of HUBCO is approximately around 8.7% of the national electricity demand in Pakistan. This company is also known by its 2 decades of thermal power operation and maintenance experience in Pakistan. The win-win cooperation between CPIH and Hubco in Pakistan will definitely help in covering the energy deficit for the nation. The Hub Plant, situated at Mouza Kund, Hub in Balochistan, is one of the most efficient RFO fired thermal power plants in Pakistan. It supplies reliable and uninterrupted electricity to the National grid.
Narowal Plant is also an RFO-fired, engine based, combined cycle power station, located at Mouza Poong, Narowal in Punjab. The Company also holds 75% controlling interest in Laraib Energy Limited which owns and operates a run-off-the-river hydel power plant near the New Bong Escape, 8 km downstream of Mangla Dam in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.